Süddeutsche Zeitung (21-10-1996)

The stone as a piece of puzzle for a global work of art

Artist IGADiM lets produce a part of his message of stones in Giesing (Munich)


On some days small unnoticed places in the capital become internet- like forges of illusions. There is an artist who wants to excuse his absence per fax with best wishes; a place of staging that normally is the home of the charity federation Heimstatt; an organisator who works as a nurse in real live; and a work of art that is not quite existing, because it will be finished not before the millenium…  An artificial stone made of beton, almost two tons of weight, is now standing in the garden of the charity federation of Munich in Teutoburgerstrasse 8 and is waiting for its long journey. And the fact, that Giesing is now suddenly part of a universal performance is not being granted to any of the so-called important galerists but to Melanie Kieweg, the organisator.


She was it who took the nation- joining projekt for reason to integrate also the diverse self- help- groups of Munich….