GEO Spezial - the Kanaries (Oct. 1998)

 The successors of Manrique- VISIONS OF FORTUNE

To create great art on small islands – this used to be the sole reputation of Cesar Manrique. The legendary “visionaire” has left his fingerprint on the whole island of Lanzarote. He planted sculptures inside of the lava, supported the environment and determined the architecture. And what did follow? Nothing for a long time.


Now foreign artist are going to help the archipel aesthetically. With giant projects and even higher demands.

We must take care of our – of the future.


On the island of Lanzarote IGADiM

( IchGlaubeAnDieMenschen - I believe in people) is planning a cone – shaped walk-in- in sculpture 72 metres in diameter, witch could “join nations” and “light up into the new millenium”….


Cover of the inner crater: gold leaf. “Because gold”, says IGADiM, “is a spiritual colour”.

And there it is supposed to stand: the individual in the middle of the golden crater.

At night the inside will be enlightened by the moon and during the day by the sun. “We want to show”, says IGADiM, “that every human being has a special meaning whithin  the cosmos.”